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File Folders + Postcards = LOVE


The inaugural class of
The Paper Alchemist
Upcycled Book Arts School


In this introductory class,

you'll create a set of bespoke notebooks using file folders, postcards, and simple but stunning stitches.

Is this class for you?

Well, that depends...

do you LOVE the idea of:

  • Turning ordinary paper into stunning, giftable notebooks with confidence and ease?

  • Having a fantastic way to showcase your souvenir postcards?

  • Mastering 4 beautiful stitches that make even the simplest notebooks shine?

  • Creating charming collages with just a few postage stamps?

  • Experiencing the superpower of crafting beautiful handmade notebooks out of boring office supplies?


Then This Is Your Class!


In Upcycled Bookbinding 101, you'll learn ALL the foundational techniques of upcycled bookbinding, and begin to understand salvaged paper on a deeper level


What sorts of things will the class cover?

  • The unexpected truth about folding salvaged paper

  • The secret to taking your books from bland to book-tastic using cloth tape

  • Two methods for creating a notebook spine

  • 4 decorative stitches: pamphlet, chain, twisted chain and dot-dash

  • An easy method for creating a button-and-string closure from scratch


Wait, Is This A Beginner's Class?


(And, No!)

This class is perfect for beginners.

But even experienced bookmakers will appreciate:

  • A clever use for your favorite souvenir postcards

  • Simple but stunning stitches you may have overlooked

  • A simple, easy gift idea for your book-loving friends and neighbors


How will the class be formatted?

The class is pre-recorded and organized into 5 modules,

featuring 3 total hours of instruction.


You'll download all the modules at once, so you can watch

at your own pace and on your own schedule.


You'll also have access to 3 pre-recorded Q&A sessions from the founding launch as a special bonus.


How long will I be able to access the course?

You'll have lifetime access to the class!

That includes any future updates or bonus materials added to the class at a later time.


You'll also get:

A set of hand-drawn, illustrated instructions for all the stitches

a resource list replete with links

a bonus lesson on posing your book for photographs.


By The End Of Class You'll Have


  • 4 stunning notebooks

  • Knowledge of 2 easy ways to create notebook spines

  • Mastery of 4 decorative stitches

  • A fabulous gift-idea for all your book-loving friends and neighbors

  • A great way to use souvenir postcards (and a terrific reason to collect new ones!)

  • Access to a new approach to bookmaking that is affordable, sustainable, inventive and fun

  • The satisfaction of making something awesome from something ordinary


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