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Course Refund Policy

I want to be completely open and transparent, so I have laid out the refund policy in clear language so that everyone can understand.

I maintain a blanket, no-refund policy.  Let me explain why.


Every class I offer contains not only detailed, step-by-step video lessons, but also printable, sometimes hand-illustrated, instructions.


Because of this, once a student has been given access to these materials at the moment of purchase (especially the printable, illustrated instructions) there is no way for me to retrieve the value of the materials, nor prevent students from continuing to use them after receiving a refund. Hence the no-refund policy.

HOWEVER, I recognize that in rare instances, catastrophic circumstances may prevent students from being able to watch the class after purchase.  In such rare cases, a refund will be provided at the discretion of Scrap Paper Circus. In these cases, the student, or an advocate for the student, must contact me directly at to request the refund.

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know by contacting me directly at

I sincerely appreciate your understanding.



Bel Mills

Scrap Paper Circus

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