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Updated: Oct 29

There is nothing like mail art!

Nothing matches the feeling of cracking open your mailbox and spotting a bit of handmade loveliness tucked inside. Suddenly, a dreamy detour opens up in the day. You get to relax, take a breath, and enjoy a moment of mail-art bliss.

If you know this feeling, then I'm guessing you can't get enough of it! And we know the best way to receive mail art is to send it. So for all my fellow postal moderns out there, here is a collection of free postal labels and artistamps you can print out and incorporate into your postal art.


All the printables below are free and legal for personal use, please check each site for commercial use guidelines. Also, using certain labels, like "first class," "priority," or "fragile" on the outside of your mail could result in increased postage requirements! Finally, at the risk of stating the obvious, Cinderella stamps (faux postage) or printouts of real, vintage postage cannot be used as legal postage.

Click on the images below to access links to access full resolution images. Enjoy!

Air Mail Postage

from the Random Creativity blog

Postal Labels by Erin J. Rippy for World Label

Included in this link are 12 different sheets of labels with different designs

Dennison-Style Postal Labels by Erin J. Rippy for World Label

You'll find 10 different sheets of labels here, available to print in modern or vintage shading

Vintage-Inspired Botanical Postage from The Graphics Fairy

Cinderella Stamps by Lisa Vollrath with Go Make Something

This link includes 29 different artistamp sheets by artist Lisa Vollrath

International Cancellations from

The file below is best accessed by clicking through to the website, then right-clicking the image and selecting "Save Image As" Also, if you print these cancellations on tracing paper you can add them as a transparent layer to your mail art using glue stick. Do this by attaching the tracing paper to a sheet of regular printer paper using cellophane tape on the edge you'll feed into the printer...

Special Delivery Vintage Postage Image

Please remember this is not legal postage! Download by right clicking the image below, then choose "Save Image As"

Lastly, if you are wondering where I got the enlarged postage stamps pictured on the postcards at the top of the post, I can tell you they are simply postage stamps from my collection that I enlarged on a color photocopier. Lay a bunch of stamps face-down on a color copier and experiment with different settings. Somewhere between 200% and 400% should do the trick.

My favorite source for vintage postage? Elliston Farm on Etsy:

Thanks for reading!

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