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Upcycled Bookbinding 101
File Folders + Postcards = LOVE
Student Materials


Bookbinder’s Kit

Metal Ruler (with Cork Back preferred)

Cutting Mat (12 x 18 minimum)

Craft Knife

Bone Folder (substitute glue stick tube)


Large Needle

Waxed Thread (or embroidery floss, or string, or baker’s twine, etc.)


Paper Clip




3 File Folders (hanging folders also fine)

4 Postcards (see resource list for links)

50 Sheets 8.5” x 11 Text-Weight Paper (or 75 sheets if using copy paper)

2 Strips of Cardstock 1”-2” wide



Glue Stick

Scor-Tape (or other strong double-sided tape)

Book Cloth Tape 2”-3” wide (or gaffer’s tape, or Filmoplast)

Masking tape


For Embellishing

Canceled Postage Stamps (or other ephemera)

Corner Rounder (optional but highly recommended)

Circle Punch ½” (optional)

Mini Brad (or paper fastener)

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